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Gilbert Scott Hanse , Hanse Golf Course

A Message from Golf Course Architect

Hello, I'm Gil Hanse, golf course architect. We are very excited to be involved in the construction of Ballyshear Golf Links. This project is very exciting for us. It will be our first golf course project in Thailand and will give us an opportunity to design a golf course on a very unique piece of land, with a concept and a philosophy that we think will provide a golf course that will be very interesting, exciting to play, and based on the traditions and history of the game of golf. With this site, we're going to look at totally transforming the landscape into a landscape that feels much more like the traditional game of golf where it started in Scotland and based on the principles and philosophy that Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor used at the Lido Golf Course which was built on Long Island outside of New York City.
With those concepts, with that thought process of creating very interesting, classic, unique golf holes, some of the finest golf holes of the world will be replicated here such as, "the redan," and the "channel hole". So it's an exciting history that we're going to attempt to be inspired by as we approach the Ballyshear Project. Our team is looking forward to getting started down here. I think from a membership stand point, it will be a very interesting golf course to play over and over again. There will be some challenges and there will be some character in the golf course that I think might be new and certainly interesting for the golfers in Thailand.
The golf course will play firm and fast and have the highest quality of maintenance available. The concepts of that initial aspect of the game of golf will really be found through the property.
So we are excited that you're coming along with us on this ride. We are looking very forward to producing this golf course and introducing some of its traditional aspects and characteristics of golf to Thailand.

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