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The breathtaking fun of classic theory

"Ballyshear" is the name that Charles Blair Macdonald gave to his mansion near the Chicago Country Club, which became the first 18-hole golf course in the United States.
Macdonald seems to have had a strong fondness for this name, including the same name on his English mansion and his Scottish home where his father and grandfather lived. Therefore, for this project, we named the course the "Ballyshear Golf Links".
Thai courses are usually flat and tend to be more difficult by the location of many ponds and bunkers, but for the "Ballyshear Golf Links", the shape of the ground itself with its elevation differences becomes the hazard.
One of the goals of this design is to provide the fun of creating a strategy. The 4th hole, "Channel", requires the correct judgment on the right or left side of the fairway based on the fortunes of fate, the weather conditions on the day, and the situation. The 18th hole, "Home", is packed with the wisdom of Dr.Alister MacKenzie, will challenge your course management skill.
There will be new discoveries every time you play, and having a deep understanding of the merits of playing many times is a unique way of enjoying this membership-only golf course.

Hole 12th Punch Bowl

This green punch bowl-shaped green with a hollow in the center of the surroundings is a 19th-century design scheme, but it is a device for collecting rainwater and moistening the turf. Now that technology is more advanced, it is not necessary, but it is still adopted by many designers because it is strategic and impressive.

Hole 16th Redan

The "Redan" is a hole where the green, which is vertically long and has a low back, is inclined at 45 degrees with respect to the teeing ground..The original Redan is the North Berwick course's 15th hole in Scotland, and its name derives from the fact that it was so difficult that the members compared it to the Russian fortress that Britain attacked in the Crimean War.

The legendary course that revives the past in the present

The "Lido Golf Course" is the style that Gil Hanse has used as the motif when designing the "Ballyshear Golf Links" that originally opened in 1914. This course was created by Charles Blair Macdonald, the father of American golf design, and although it does not exist any longer, it is still known as a legendary course.
Macdonald, who grew up in Chicago, studied at St Andrews University in Scotland when he was 16 years old, studied golf with Old Tom Morris, and improved his skills. In 1892, the virgin 9-hole Chicago Golf Club opened. In the following year, it was expanded to 18 holes. In 1908, he designed an ideal golf course on New York's Long Island, incorporating the classic golf course design theories of Scotland and England. The National Golf Links of America (NGLA) is admired by golf course enthusiasts from all over the world, and this golf course was created by incorporating the essence and adding the design theory that Macdonald respected.
The Lido Golf Course is like a classic theory exhibition. For example, No. 4 is a "Channel" with two fairways that are divided into left and right. The 5th is "Cape", the 14th is the NGLA's motif. No. 10 features a small hill that obstructs the view of the green, and this is the "Alps" design theory used at hole No. 17 of the Prestwick Country Club in Scotland. No. 12 is a hole with a characteristic green that literally looks like a "Punch Bowl". The 16th hole "Redan", is known as the most copied hole in the world, and classic golf course enthusiasts who visit the original Redan No.15 at North Berwick never stop enjoying its challenge.

In this project, the "Lido Golf Course" hole structure has been reproduced most faithfully, and it can be said that this project is valuable in that sense. The bold modeling that you do not see in modern style golf courses offers fresh surprises, and when you play this course, you can see that the design is excellent.
Hole No. 18, "Home", is the direct implementation of the "ideal two-shot design" that Dr.Alister MacKenzie won the US magazine "Country Life" sweepstakes project, and it symbolizes the formation of the Ballyshear Golf Links.
The hole's design that offers five different routes from the teeing ground to the green is a suggestion that the way of attack should change according to the skill and thought of the golfer, and that is the essence of the fun of the game of golf. I feel Macdonald's strong message about bringing this design to the final hole, and that is exactly what Gil Hanse is trying to convey through the "Ballyshear Golf Links".

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