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Ballyshear Golf Links
The course development and clubhouse construction status, and the opening schedule

"Ballyshear Golf Links", which is currently under construction, has been partially revised due to the necessity for ground improvement work on the site after the start of construction in January 2019, and due to some delay in the work schedule for additional requirements from designer, we will postpone the opening schedule.
We apologize for not meeting the expectations of our members and business partners who are looking forward to opening the business. We are determined to continue to pour all our energy toward completion of the world's best golf course. We ask for your understanding by considering the circumstances.

■ Scheduled opening date;

(Initial plan)
During summer 2019
(After amendment)
During summer 2021

■ Opening of schedule

Current Situation of Creation of Golf Course
〈Future Plans〉

Prospect of opening of business as of January 2020

2021 /
During summer Full open of the golf course (18 hole play using the new clubhouse)

2020 January

Construction of the golf course "Back 9"

No.10 400yd Par4 "Alps"

No.14 130yd Par3 "Short"

No.17 605yd Par5 "Long"

No.17 605yd Par5 "Long"

No.18 490yd Par4 "Home"

2019 December

No.3 185yd Par3 "Eden"

No.11 440yd Par4 "Lagoon"

No.14 130yd Par3 "Short"

2019 November

No.2 495yd Par4 "Dog's Leg"

No.6 420yd Par4 "Plateau"

No.13 330yd Par4 "Knoll"

2019 October

No.1 420yd Par4 "First"

No.4 585yd Par5 "Channel"

No.12 485yd Par4 "Punch Bowl"

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